Solar Eclipse 2024

with Charles Fulco

2024 Total Solar Eclipse

On April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse (TSE) will be visible throughout WNY for the first time in 99 years, and the centerline of its path will pass directly over the City of Buffalo, briefly turning daytime into evening! This beautiful and rare celestial event will draw thousands and thousands of eclipse chasers into the WNY area, and if prepared for properly, it has the potential to be an economic and promotional windfall for WNY, Buffalo and UB.

Solar Eclipse in gold color
Girl viewing eclipse using protective glasses

Viewing the Eclipse

Contrary to what you may have heard or been taught, the Sun can be viewed safely, if done correctly. There are two basic ways to do this: direct and indirect observation. Looking directly at the Sun without optical aid is dangerous, especially when used with magnification through a telescope, but there are several safe methods available. To directly observe the Sun in a safe and easy way, use solar shades or “eclipse glasses,” which are usually made of colored paperboard with mylar “lenses” that allow only about .0003% of the Sun’s light to pass through.

About Charles Fulco

Charles Fulco, BA ’90, teaches Intl. Baccalaureate-level Biology and Environmental Science at The Brooklyn Friends School in Brooklyn, NY. He is also a NASA Solar System Ambassador, and a member of many astronomical, environmental and educational organizations. A veteran of 5 total and 2 annular solar eclipses on 4 continents, he is working closely with UB, the City of Buffalo and WNY to properly prepare for next year’s total solar eclipse over this area.

Charles Fulco with Meade telescope